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Who does not know any brakes to progress in its transformation? Companies of all sizes, from the ETI of a few dozen employees to CAC40 companies, they all agree to recognize the common events that punctuate their approach.

Do you want to clarify your goals? Or just validate the process you have undertaken? Digixit offers you an instant personalized evaluation from 20 key questions.

This evaluation, based on 147 testimonials from top management of companies (all sizes and sectors), will help you position yourself in your digital maturity and receive a roadmap that you can implement immediately.

To receive by email your roadmap resulting from your personalized evaluation (otherwise you can go to the suite without entering any information, simply fill in your details below:


Do you think there is a clear strategy on how digital will help achieve organizational goals?

Does all of the company's employees share this digital vision?
Is there a digital acculturation approach driven by governance?
Do you have an effective innovation process to prioritize ideas and take them into account from concept to implementation?
Does your organization have a clear idea of the impact of new technologies on your competitive market?
Is there a team dedicated to managing the digital transformation of your organization?
Do you have a good knowledge of your clients' experience for each of the identified customer segments?
Does your organization track and act on all customer interactions in all channels?
Does your organization have a proactive process of innovating its products and services for the digital world?
Does your organization have a clear vision of the evolution of new skills required to tackle digital?
Is the data internal to your organization easily collected, managed and shared?
Is your organization able to extract information from internal and external data sources to guide decision-making?
Is there a team or individual with clear responsibilities and procedures for managing cybersecurity and digital risk?
Do you finally think that your organization has managed to go beyond the mobilization phase around digital transformation?

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